Posted 2w ago by @UrKillinMeSMLZ

*Solved* Can’t Identify
The container says this is a “Blue Giant Graptosedum Hybrid” but I can’t find that or anything similar on Greg - when I try to hit “add species” it does nothing 🤔

What do I do? Or what’s closest to this?

Also- any tips for an outdoor succulent garden? 😬

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4” pot
Last watered 1 week ago
@UrKillinMeSMLZ it looks like a Pachyphytum hookeri.
@KikiGoldblatt interesting! Is it typical for labels to be wrong? Should I second guess all my succulents now 😂
Just add Graptosedum blue giant. The app should find this kind, family… ets
@vvvelo Good suggestion. That is how I identify.
@vvvelo I try - but the link goes nowhere for me. Won’t let me add…
@UrKillinMeSMLZ weird! I added several plant this way. It is glitching some times.
I actually like this plant. I may have find someone me for my collection. 🤩
@vvvelo it must have been glitching the first three times I tried it! Just now it let me! 🤩 finally 🙌🏼
@vvvelo you have an awesome collection! Have you made any “succulent gardens” or “arrangements”? (not sure what else to call them) I got an arrangement of them and wanted to plant them all in one dish but want to make sure I care for them right 😬
Blue giant Graptosedum is a hybrid of graptopetalum and echeveria. It will be a kind of trailing/sprawling plant as it grows.

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