Posted 3w ago by @Covertops

Help! Poor guy is browning and dry.
is it a indoor plant ? if it’s a outdoor when i would stop putting it in so much sunlight ! just my opinion i haven’t cared for a plant like this !! sorry about that hope it gets well soon
They do not like too much direct sun. They can survive with very little water and sunlight
3w ago
Fern leaves turn brown because of low humidity and underwatering. Try relocating to the bathroom where the humidity is higher. Or try misting the plant everyday. Or place it it on a saucer of water filled with pebbles so the fern’s pot sits on top of the pebbles, above the water line. Good Luck
I am having the same issue. I place one in my screen porch every year & they usually flourish. Shaded & live in SC where there’s lots of humidity, so not sure what’s going on either. I started spritzing every day to see if it helps or not. 😵‍💫
Same, we have brown dying palm too..

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