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Aloe Needs HELP!!
I don’t know if anyone can help, but what can I do to help my aloe??

We had an infestation of fungus gnats and root rot. I cleared, took care, and treated both. Her roots looked really good when I went to repot her in terra cotta, I sprayed with hydrogen peroxide as well.

I thought she was drowning in the solution I used to get rid of the fungus gnats and based off the root rot, so when I repotted I just gave her a sip to shock her. She just doesn’t seem to be improving though and I’m wondering if maybe she desperately needs water? Or something else? I don’t know 😩😩

Help me save her! 😩💕
Water from bottom instead of top
It doesn't look bad, but if it's been through a lot, it'll take some time to see a change for the better.

Terracotta is great! I have my aloe in terracotta and in direct sunlight. I water it about every 9 or 11 days.

I would just wait for a bit - you watered it today, right?
@sarahsalith I watered a couple days ago, but not much, just a shock

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