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How do I get rid of gnat fungus on the plant and soil? I...

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@PrizeMoonwort hello Patricia, there are sticky traps that are helpful with them. And I would spray some neem oil on your plants as well as some cinnamon powder on the soil itself. It will not hurt it. Keep an eye out and replace the traps as needed and spray and in approximately a week. It’s usually from over watering plants or water standing
do you have mosquito bits? placing some in the soil can help kill the larvae so you don’t get anymore bugs. you can set up a trap to catch the adults with dish soap and apple cider vinegar.
i agree with evelyn!! cinnamon will help dry out the top of the soil to prevent fungus from growing :)
Diatomaceous Earth will work on the surface as well. But once you get it wet it is inert, so if you top water we will have to reapply.
Mosquito bits are great because they kill the eggs and larvae. You basically make a tea out of it and use that β€œtea” to water your plants. For smaller infestations, a diluted mix of hydrogen peroxide and water can work! This can harm the good stuff in your soil, but also adds extra oxygen to the soil and can help kill off bacteria if your plant is starting to get root rot, so it’s up to you if you like this method! I’ve mostly done the H2O2 method and it works fairly well, but I just got myself some mosquito but because I’m not messin’ around with these bugs anymore! πŸ˜† @PrizeMoonwort
@SilkenGrasspea how do you use your mosquito bits? I do know I was using them all wrong hahaha. Someone on this here App and myself kinda figured out we both were doing the same thing, wrong but I haven’t tried to use them since then. Haha!
Haha! I get a watering can and fill it up and then scoop some in and just let it sit for about 30 min. Then I just scoop off the bits that are floating and use the water to water my plants. I’ve seen many warnings on here that if you leave any of the bits in the soil they will mold, so I’ve tried to avoid that. There’s still bits in my scindapsus plant that was absolutely infested with gnats when I brought it home from the store, but I was too lazy to fish them out and so far so good. Lol @Keysgirl0179
I’m sorry I have nothing to contribute to this conversation, but I will say there’s tons of great information in the comments. One of many reasons why I choose to read the comments when it comes to infestation and fungus. πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ
@CourtlyKingfern those sticky traps work wonders!!!
I have used the sticky traps and I sometimes let a day or two extra pass before watering.
@SilkenGrasspea gnats man! Damn gnats!!! I’ve never in MY LIFE have had an issue with gnats or any kind of insect. This… almost makes me wanna say okay okay you win and give up but I love planting so so much. I NEED it in my life, I need the gnats gone though. For good. Forever.
@Keysgirl0179 haha! They’re so annoying. I’m trying to get all my plants on a similar watering schedule to make it easier to do all the mosquito bit watering at once.