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How do I help this lil plant
So, for the past week the bottom leaves of this haworthia succulent was loosing leaves. However, today I noticed it was doing better and wasn’t squishy anymore but there are tons of little white bugs that almost look like scale bugs. The bugs dead or alive are deep in the plant- Is there any way of getting rid of them?

Please help #SucculentSquad #bugs #PestControl #help #Haworthia
Neem Oil is the best imo
Sammy I have one of these. Love ❤️ it. Don’t have the bugs thou. I put seven dust on mine trying to get rid of nats. I don’t drown them in it. I made a seven dust salt shaker. Or neem oil. Personally I feel seven dust was better results. Good luck 👍 wish you the best.
They don’t like alot of light.
It looks like mealy bugs. Use 70% isopropyl alcohol to get them off with an ear swab. Gently spray towards the stem where they like to hide as well as the soil, wait a few minutes, then rinse gently. Your Haworthia is similar to a crassula and neither of them like any kinds of treatments so it may lose its color for a while. It should take a few weeks or months to recover but don’t give up on it. I’ve been there and I’ve done it. It survived and is still working on regaining its color.
Would drowning them work? Like, dip the whole plant in water for a bit. Then let it dry out afterwards and use the other things on it.
70% Isopropyl alcohol and Qtips kill and remove them without hurting your plant as does insecticidal soap. Pests will become a problem quickly if not dealt with in a timely fashion. The pros of the 70% Isopropyl alcohol is that it evaporates rapidly and doesn’t add moisture to the plant nor soil.
@Ehlane With succulents I wouldn’t recommend that. They’re too fast to want develop root rot to fully dunk them even only momentarily. Even the toughest succulents have been known to throw a temper tantrum immediately and die on you out of pure spite or so it seems. 😂
They look like baby citrus mealybug, maybe the oldest one is between the leaves, check by removing the dry ones. At the time I got them I had to use manual extraction and Insecticide because neem oil and alcohol didn't work at all, I lost a lot of other plants in the process

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