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Any tips?
I got a new plant (RJ/Red Jasper) and I need tips for care. He’s a Tiger’s Jaw Succulent.

🪴The long version🪴
I went to Lowe’s with Mamaw (the intention was to get paint lol) and now I have a new friend! This is Red Jasper (RJ for short). He has a little baby with him and he needed to be repotted immediately after I got him. He was in a 4 oz pot and he was root bound WAY too much. I didn’t have any succulent soil left (should have got some while we were there) so I had to use normal soil.
I’ve done what I know to do, does anyone know of anything I may have missed? #PlantAddict #tigerjaws #NewPlants #SucculentSquad
4” pot with drainage
Last watered 2 weeks ago
Cool looking plant! Nice job 😊🥰
Keep him close to a window....I found mine gets unhappy with 0 direct light even if bright indirect. Also keep an eye for signs of over watering, squishy parts ect.. the regular soil will hold more water so its at risk. Maybe try to snooze the first water just for good measure. If it isn't happy after all that...terracotta pot with succulent soil. Good luck! Such a cute tiger jaw!!😍😍
@ChaosPlains I agree with @PlantEsteem by snoozing on your first water. That way Greg will learn and keep you from overwatering. Love the Tigers Jaw.

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