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So I haven’t killed it yet but is it really suppose to lo...

7ft to light, indirect
6” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 week ago
@FunGuepinia Hi!
Has it lost some leaves? Is it in direct light like your plant card says? My understanding is that these plants like *indirect* light. Mine is in a Southern window, which is too much sun for it, so I use a light curtain to diffuse the light and it’s had seriously incredible growth!
It’s good that you have it in a terra cotta pot! That will definitely help prevent root rot as it will wick away extra water. Only water this plant when it’s dry as the roots tend to be fine and are prone to root rot. Hope this helps! πŸͺ΄πŸ˜Š
@SunnyPlants tbh I don’t really think it’s direct, it’s on bottom shelf that is shielded by a table but is only 3 ft from west window, I feel like I’m never home in the afternoon when the sun is out to see what it actually get, it has grown some but hasn’t lost leaves
@FunGuepinia Ahhhh, okay! So it likely needs more light. Maybe you can move it up to be level with the window and put up a light curtain to diffuse the light. I’m quite certain that will help it’s growth. If that won’t work because of other plants that need direct sun, maybe try moving it across the room, but still elevated like on a tall plant stand or other tallish furniture. Or perhaps you can put it under a grow light or lamp with grow lightbulb? Any of these options should help your plant grow more. 😊
I agree with @SunnyPlants your Hoya needs more light. I have all mine in or by East facing windows supplementing with grow lights. They're loving the morning sun and afternoon shade.
Hope this helps 😊
@Sassylimey Hi Sarah!! Nice to β€œsee” you again! 😊