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jade declining quickly

my jade plant had what I thought to be mites so I used neem oil. overnight it dropped leaves like hot potatoes. 😭😭 #Jade #AskGreg #PestControl #droopingjade
4ft to light, indirect
4” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 month ago
Hi, Sydney! I'm sorry your having issues with your plant. I'm wondering if your Jade is getting enough light. The plant card says it's 8 feet from a northwestern light.

I keep mine in southern light or in the greenhouse with the brightest light I can give it. (:

I'm glad you found Greg!
I need to update - it’s under a grow light!!!!
@sarahsalith I did neem oil with it last weekend and then again this weekend and that’s when it began - after second treatment. 🧐
Sounds to me like it might be time to do a root wash and repot. Scary I know, but I’m about to do the same for my ailing snake plants.
Depending on the growlight, it might not be enough. I have found that I need pretty bright lights and the plant needs to be pretty close to the light for it to do it's job. Do you have a picture you can share?

Sometimes neem can take a lot out of a plant. Personally, I don't use it. I've heard too many horror stories!

Regardless, it'll take weeks or months for you to see the plant recover. They can go downhill seemingly overnight, but the road to recovery is a long one. Pack your patience! It's not a lost cause (:
It’s on the left on that bottom shelf! She’s done well there and I’d actually moved her from top shelf to bottom bc it looked like she was getting sunburnt but now I’m realizing she was maybe just diseased lol
Maybe the neem just smothered the leaves. One of its effects apart from the chemical one is that it can deprive pests of oxygen. Same goes for more delicate leaves. I myself am trying my best right now to treat my mites without damaging any orchid leaves. It's quite the balancing act. Miss orchid girl suggests going for parafin oil instead of vegetable or neem, because it is a lot lighter, can he dispersed in a finer mist and still damages most pests. Apparently many horticultural oils also use mineral oils. She suggests a 1-2 % solution for orchids and I can confirm that even my thinnest seedling oncidium leaves have survived the ordeal up to now. I do not know about pothos leaves, but I could imagine suffocation to be a valid reason for your damaged leaves and maybe the mineral oil to be a valid substitute one the leaves are washed down, if that indeed was the problem and they recover.
@MusicalRedmint thank you!! This is helpful. I think also bc I did neem outside and then left it out there to dry . Then I learned neem will scorch your plants if left in the sun which I did not know. I’m thinking it may just be sun damage …. Not sure yet!!!!
Ah. That could be. But it is the same with the paraffin. I left 2 young cattleyas, which have more hardy leaves (so the oil concentration should have been no issue) and also can take a lot of sun when they are older (like... a lot) on the windowsill after treatment. Because I havee almost no direct sun. And those are the only ones that got visibly damaged. Yellowed leaves, that at some point fell off. I have since moved every plant out of the even shortest direct sun after treatment and none sustained further damage
@MusicalRedmint duly noted for next time! Thank you πŸ₯°
I completely understand what you're going through with neem oil 😒 My original panda plant had a very bad mold problem (because I didn't watch her closely enough). I'd heard a lot about neem so doused her thoroughly. 2 days later she was shriveling and dropping leaves horribly! In a matter of a few more days she was gone 😒 Since then have learned to always do a 24 hour spot check on 1-2 leaves first. And never let the plant in direct sun for at least 24 hours after. Neem can block the plant's pores, literally suffocating them. And as you sadly discovered that sun will scorch them. Neem usually dissipates from the leaves by 24 hours, but to be on the safe side I'd still allow maybe 48 hours before placing back in direct sun. Sending lots of planty love to Sproutacus and you and hope to see him fully recovered soon ❀️
@WarmDewberry thank you for this response!! Sproutacus is making a small comeback. There’s maybe half as many leaves now - but she’s still alive thankfully. Neem also says to spray it so it’s doused and the neem is running off. I’d be wondering how well it’d work to just wipe the leaves with it rather than douse!
@sydlovesspuds I'm glad she's doing a bit better! Time will tell, just hug her with lots of love vibes and patience. If it's mites then dousing would be correct. Is that another jade I see in your photo peeking out behind a zebra(?) If so then it looks pretty healthy :) So I'd venture your watering and light styles aren't a problem.