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Looking for some airplant advice!
I got this air plant a few months ago and it’s grown a bit. I’m now realizing that the wire thing around it might be getting too small… what will happen to it? Has anyone owned an airplant that was inside something like this? Will it eventually stop growing?

Also what’s that tiny thing growing at the bottom? Is that a root?
1ft to light, direct
2” pot with drainage
Last watered 5 days ago
Your air plant is producing pups!

Has your air plant bloomed yet? Once they bloom, they began to die. But! they produce babies before they completely die. 

EDIT- The metal doesn't look too tight and I have mine attached to copper wiring that I hook to suction cups in my shower.
@angelikam @sarahsalith Thank you! That’s so exciting! Had no idea they made babies! 😊

It hasn’t bloomed yet. Does this mean it’s going to bloom, or it’s just getting ready to die due to the wire suffocating it?

The wire itself is still pretty lose near the top but at the base of the plant some of the leaves are getting a bit deformed. Unfortunately I can’t get it to move.. the wire is pretty sturdy.
You our plant is thriving, living and healthy. The wire and the roots are not an issue. If it looks tight loosen the wire. If you don’t like the root look cut them off. Your airplane does not live because it has roots. If it gets to big for that stand make it get a new way to display your air pant.
@nila I'd say the wire isn't an issue. I have wire on mine.
@CalitoCarolina Thank you!
@sarahsalith Good to know! Thank you! :)
Copper kills air plants