Posted 2w ago by @RespectableMoss

What’s in the soil?
This mold looking stuff keeps reappearing in my plants soil. I scoop it out, but it keeps coming back.
Looks like a fungus. Suggest getting an anti fungal spray for it.
It's the beginning of wee mushrooms. It just means your soil is super healthy (:
@KikiGoldblatt Would Neem oil suffice? I’ve never seen nothing like this before😫 So I know you might know something💕
The Leucocoprinus birnbaumii fungus breaks down dead organic matter in the potting soil. It does not harm living plants. (:
@RespectableMoss I always just remove the part that is showing that type on fungus. If it is mushrooms they do not harm the plant whatsoever. If you scoop it out just add more soil on top of it. It will be fine.

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