Posted 2Y ago by @rynroxx

Alocasia Sarian Help :(

After being brutally fooled by new growth and pups; upon checking the soil of my alocasias pot and its roots; it's rotted, a lot. as well as tiny little white mites in its soil. I am distraught, I've cleaned the roots throughly but have lost well over 90% of it's root system. Will it be okay? I've repotted it into a smaller pot with drainage to help it recover, any other tips? I am seeing a lot of new growth still, I am just concerned, and beginning to feel as if I am a really bad plant parent :(
1ft to light, indirect
6โ€ pot without drainage
Last watered 2 years ago
Aww, I'm so sorry to hear this! What's left of the plant itself looks okay to me, but I can't feel if the stems are soft (hopefully not). As long as the soil and roots are clean now and mite free I suspect it will be okay. Think of it like a propagation plant at this point if that helps. You are not a bad plant parent! Mites can happen to anyone and all of us here have had to deal with pests at some point.
@tmbryant37 The stems are not soft; They are firm, which gives me hope. I'm going to pick up a different soil for it tomorrow; something more airy. I've really been struggling with my plant care recently and it's been bumming me out :( I appreciate the nice comments and the help, Thank you again :)๐Ÿค