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Propagating Snake Plant
Hello, I propagated my snake plant at the end of May. I researched and cut the plant at the base with clean sharp scissors and then placed the cuttings into water. I am sadly not seeing any results. I have in that time propagated, and planted 3 different plants. Just wondering if I’m doing something wrong with the snake plant. Any tips?
Snake Plant propagation is notoriously slow. They can take FoReVer. As long as the leaf still looks healthy you’re good to go!
@ABCD awesome, they definitely still look happy! Thanks for your advice! 😊
Oh here’s something important
Orientation matters. If you place a leaf in water upside down, it won’t grow roots. That’s why if you cut up the leaf like in the second half of the picture, you’ll be able to tell which side is down. (And there’s more leaf area for roots to grow)
Thanks for sharing this! I saw something exactly like this before I propagated so I did what you showed and cut them so I would know!
Ok! Then just be p a t i e n t
@ABCD lol I’m trying! 😬
@ABCD is spot on! They can take forever! These have been here since sometime in April. οΏΌοΏΌ
@sarahsalith oh wow! That’s so crazy!
Anyone willing to share a cutting with me?
@Sherrychoco I'll share. (:
@Sherrychoco I’d be happy to share also!

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