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English Ivy - stem dying
The English Ivy I rescued from the clearance section has been doing so well until a few weeks ago. I noticed some bugs, so I got one of those bug sticks and that is working well. Now I have a stem that’s slowly dying. I’ve been watering as scheduled (about ever 8 days). It lives in my second floor bathroom with a skyline about 10’ up. Thoughts? #EnglishIvy
2ft to light, indirect
5” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 day ago
Im no expert! But i had an Ivy in my bathroom. It didn’t like the humidity so i moved it to my living room with northeast facing windows. Its doing so much better. Also be careful with overwatering! I let mine dry out completely between waterings.
I agree with @alba in that it seems like a moisture/ light problem.
Darn, well I’ve moved it to a shaded window in my spare bedroom.
@ZestyJade what type of bug sticks did u use?
@userc1864226 I got these from Amazon. They work pretty well abs it has an adjustable height, which is cool.

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