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Tradescantia brown spots

Any thoughts as to what could be causing these brown spots on my tradescantia nanouk? I have two doing the same thing. They started their lives as hanging plants outdoors, and developed these spots by the end of the season. I figured pests, stress, spotty watering, and the end of season were likely contributing factors. I brought them inside to overwinter, and I’ve noticed that the new growth is doing the same thing now. I only water them in the center, so there’s no water sitting on the leaves. The room never gets near freezing. I’ve been checking the soil, and while it’s pretty darn dry by the time I water, it’s not bone dry. Still feels soft on my fingers and a skewer doesn’t feel rough entering the soil. If it was too dry, I’d expect crispy edges, but some of these brown spots start in the center of the leaves. #brownspots #TradescantiaNanouk #Tradescantia
10” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 day ago
It looks like a fungal problem. Do you have a fungicide you could spray on it?
Hi Jason! I overwintered mine too and have had tons of dried up leaves. I recently learned that it’s normal for this to happen as these are forest floor crawlers. They actually want to spread out and attach to the earth, but since we grow them in pots, well, this dried leaf thing is just simply going to happen. I’ve read that the way to combat this is to continually propagate stems to have a full, nice looking plant. So, that’s what I’ve done this winter.
I also have mine near a humidifier so that probably helps too. I have 4 different ones, but horrible lighting in here for pics! Hope this helps! πŸͺ΄πŸ˜Š
@SunnyPlants had no clue. I’ve been wondering why mine is so dang hard to care for. Ignored the sucker for a bit and BOOM! Right at the prune & prop stage with mine - perfect timing! Great info!!
@Sunnydayz9 See, you weren’t alone! I was scratching my head about it for awhile too before I found out what I posted. Glad it helped! Btw- cool handle! β˜€οΈπŸŒž
@SunnyPlants funny how it works out sometimes. Right back atcha Sunny! ✨🫢🏼🌱
@SunnyPlants hmm, interesting, thanks! We have a month or more before they should go back outside, so I should have time to chop & prop and get the new plants established before hanging them out. Will give it a shot!
@CordialWildyam Hope to see yours full and lovely again soon! Be sure to post the pics! I’ll post mine as well once it’s time to go back outside. 😊