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My Prince of orange has developed these spots anyone have any idea what they are? Pest? Fungal? It’s still putting out new leaves but does are coming in with the spots too. Any advice is greatly appreciated! #PlantAddict #PrinceofOrange
Looks like a bacterial infection maybe? If you water often try to reduce how often your watering. The only way to get rid of the spots is to chop any leaf with a spot to stop it from spreading :( it may also be a fungus but I’m not too sure.
It looks like the darts from that light
@PetLimabean it started before I put it in my IKEA cabinet
Oh then I have no idea sorry hunny
I found that my some of my philodendrons got these spots when they weren't getting enough light.

Do you have a grow light in your cabinet?
@sarahsalith yes I do
@sarahsalith I just put it in there so maybe it will like that more
@Ellasoasis89 that's good. Perhaps the newer leaves (after it's acclimated to its new spot) will look good. (:
@sarahsalith fingers crossed! I really don’t want to cut all the leaves off πŸ˜”
I agree with @Plantsy it is either bacterial or fungal infection. Best thing and hardest to do would be to get rid of the effected leaves and treat the disease as recommended.

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