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Wet brown spots?
So I picked up Luna the #Philodendron today at work! I said I wasn’t… but I did it anyways because she’s just so pretty 🥺🥰

I also bought her because she has wet, squishy brown spots on her leaves. I googled it and figured it just got too cold (maybe overwatering?) because it is cold in the grocery store AND she was settled right across from the freezers. She has the cutest little babies too, so I think she is definitely salvageable!

She might also need to be repotted, what do you guys think? And variegation question! I have no idea which variant it is 🥲😂

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6ft to light, indirect
6” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 week ago
She looks like a Philodendron Birkin..... #philodendronbirkin
@LatiTish84 you’re right 🥲🥲 I seriously thought she was a dieffenbachia but the more I look at her, yeahhh 😂🥴
She is in fact a Birkin and she's beautiful 😍

If the spots are squishy it could be rot as well. I would suggest pulling her out of her pot to check the roots. Also feel the soil and see if it's retaining a lot of water. If so I would repot her in soil that is well draining and let her dry out a bit before watering her again.
You’ll LOVE your Birkin! I love mine.
I am a fan of repotting right away as you can look for pests in the soil, check to see if it is root bound, make sure the place didn't put any of those annoying little plastic plate things in the bottom and check for rot
@Localplantlady it’s definitely a Philodendron Birkin 💯. I agree with @tmbryant37 💯
A birkin is always nice! Be wary of the squishy brown spots, afraid it may spread and possible root rot. So do check the roots. She may be happier in a chunkier potting mix.
@Sleepysunday I just bought Spaghnum peat moss, pearlite, and orchid soil that I’m gonna mix with potting soil! 🥰 she’ll be comfy soon
omg i need a Birkin!!!!
So, update on Luna: her leaves are still getting those spots 🥲 I tried repotting and snipping the browning leaves but I noticed another one yesterday. I’ve figured she might have a fungal infection so I sprayed her down with a fungicide today! I hope she pulls through because she is a trooper 🥲 her new leaf unfurled and she has a new one coming up and a little green shoot/ aerial root . Any more recommendations?? @tmbryant37 @KikiGoldblatt @TJphilobsessed @Marthamaywho92
@Localplantlady I think the fungicide is a good call. She's not too in the Sun is she? I know sometimes they can suffer from sunburn. I don't entirely think that's what it is but you never know
@Marthamaywho92 it’s not sunburned! I bought her from work so she is inside. And I have her about 6 ft from a window because she’s in quarantine atm. The leaves were like before, soft and squishy 🥲 if you rub them a TEENY bit, you will break the surface 🥲
I think treating her just in case is a good idea, but she may also still be recovering from what she experience in her previous environment.

If she's putting out new leaves she's pretty happy, and these are hardy plants, so I'm sure she'll be just fine in the long run

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