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Help! Are these bugs on the bottom of my fiddle leaf fig leaves?
I don’t see them move they seem like stuck specks. I just notices today. Was able to get some off but I’m afraid to scrape too much and damage leaves. #FiddleLeafFig #FicusGang #PestControl
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@yeahwills since they come off easily, take a soft cloth with rubbing alcohol and wipe them off. I had the same problem with a plant that I was able to take outside and leaves there. I first hosed it down to get those suckers out of crevasses, took me forever. Then I spayed the whole plant with ready to use Neem Oil. I did that as a precaution. Keep an eye on your FLF leaves just in case they come back. They honestly look like like spider mite eggs.

Spider mites are first treated by pruning infested areas before spraying the leaves with neem oil diluted in water. See the attached pic. That’s early stages of spider mites.

Happy growing! 💚💚🌱🌱
are they 3 demential?
@RJG yes was able to put some soapy water on the leaves and scrape them off
good work. i would assume they're eggs of some sort
@RJG after googling a bunch that’s what I thought too. Should I spray the plant with anything? I got most if not all off!

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