Posted 1M ago by @GodlyRedlion

I'm wondering if my plant has a disease? Has anyone seen ...

0ft to light, indirect
6ā€ pot with drainage
Last watered 1 month ago
Inspect the roots, then wash (drown) her in Castile soap mixed with a little bit of cayanne pepper. Iā€™d throw out the old soil. My roots were too wet and she started looking like this. After the repot- with more orchid bark than soil, she perked up and new leaves were fine. Good luck!!
Hey Morgan šŸ‘‹ I agree with Aida @SturdyFraserfir), this issue is caused by either over watering or your soil not draining fast enough... They both cause root rot and this yellowing is the first sign of a problem.

You need to take her out of that pot to inspect the roots, and if any look brown/ squishy/ smelly.. cur them off! (make sure you sterelise your snips/ scissors with isopropyl alcohol so you don't spread any infection!). I use a hydrogen peroxide solution (3:1 water: peroxide) to gently rinse down the remaining roots, as that will destroy any bad bacteria still clinging to them) and dust them with regular ground cinnamon (which is a natural anti-funfal agent). Then I would repot her in a nice, fast draining, chunky soil (you can buy monstera mixes these days... Or you can add something like perlite and orchid bark to your putting mix to speed up drainage and increase aeration, which will help stop if from happening again).

Most important is you need to amend your watering schedule so your watering a bit less. Greg is really helpful but it only you can know if it's really time to water! Lol šŸ¤£ I use the dip test to make sure that at least the top couple of inches of soil are dry before watering again, so the soil and roots don't get waterlogged in future (which is what causes them to rot) xx