Posted 1M ago by @Guamlet

Help! Am I overwatering my plant?
We water this plant once a week. Plant sits in our balcony but away from direct sunlight. Pot doesn’t haven drainage. Anyone able to tell me why these brown spots are appearing?
I’m following this thread because I too have brown spots on my pothos plants.
Omg I LOVE your variegated shell ginger! I also have one!

My ginger gets like this when the humidity is low/air is too dry. This also happens when they get sunburnt. I’ve come to realize that my shell ginger likes to be misted once or twice a week since they like a little bit of humidity! I would say this may be the problem with yours as well :)

You can either mist a few times a week or maybe keep a pebble tray under the pot to encourage humidity 🌱🌿💧

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