Posted 1Y ago by @CarrieK

Weird question, but can plant pests just appear out of nowhere or are the always brought in on a new plant?
It depends on location of the plant: is it near a window that gets opened? How often you water: are you keeping your soil too moist and causing fungus? There’s lots of reasons for pests, but it doesn’t always have to be a new plant. You’re working with organic matter and that’s where pests are at home!
The best way of making sure it’s not the new plant is to keep said new plant in a separate room for a few weeks. Make sure to keep an eye on the soil, leaf texture / pattern, leaf drooping or browning, maybe add some cinnamon on the top layer of soil as a preventative measure, and then once you’re certain the plant is pest free you can add to the collection.
Even if a plant looks like the cleanest, freshest new friend they always live upstairs for isolation first

Sorry if I’ve rambled, I hope this makes sense!
This is probably not correct but I swear they come out of nowhere sometimes! But really I think they come from outside or from newer plants. That’s why I try to wipe the leaves off all the time with diluted insecticidal spray