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Any tips for caring for this new baby? it’s straight from...

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Hi there! Only water when the soil is dry. You can check by using a wooden chopstick and putting it in the soil; if it comes out clean, water your plant, if it comes out with soil or damp, wait to water.
Remember, this plant holds water in it’s fleshy leaves, so it can go without water for awhile. Better to underwater than overwater and risk rotting roots. I have mine in a Southern window getting lots of light and it is happy! Also, your plant card says that your plant has no drainage. If that’s true that there are no holes in the planter, you need to re-pot using a succulent soil. 🪴💚
GORGEOUS! I love the lavender paint job. @SunnyPlants is right. A succulent in a pot without drainage holes will have a high possibility of getting overwatered and dying.
I hope your beautiful Zebra Succulent will live long and prosper.
Welcome to Greg! As usual @SunnyPlants is right! Only water when the soil is dry. You definitely need drainage for this baby! When you do water, water thoroughly - meaning that the water drains all the way through the bottom. Beautiful plant! Good luck! ☺️🪴