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#Aglaonema yellowish leaves out of nowhere

Ohhh how the tables turn... Here I am, asking about #Aglaonemas lol

So my Siam Aurora suddenly got three yellow leaves at once. It happened overnight. Her watering and fertilising schedule was alright and she JUST developed a new leaf, which is thriving.

She's still small (and about 4 months old), so I believe the answer is the one I always give to the ones who ask this question here: just the plant dropping old material to focus on the new stuff. However, can anyone think of something else?

Again: happened totally overnight, the leaves to not feel wet or anything (they are firm, but two of them seem like they want to drop down) and from the pictures I think you can see she's otherwise healthy, and on the verge of new growths.

Just wait it out? Cut out the yellowish ones? What do you think?

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3ft to light, indirect
5” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 day ago
I like to keep yellow leaves for a bit to see if there is a pattern or a particular reason they are turning yellow. They can give you a lot of information. The good news is they are bottom leaves. It is just highly suspect that three leaves would decide to age out over night. And there was no draft or heat or new fertilize or sun?
@Azplantchic Nothing out of the usual. Same place, same spot, same everything. I thought maybe I might have overwatered her but reconsidered - everything seems in place.

I always see many of my Aglos dropping old leaves while still developing new ones, so I'm not extremely worried. However, the fact that it was 3 at once and so suddenly got me... well, a bit worried
(And thank you!)
No problem πŸ˜‰ Love plant talk!
@Gustavo Have you re-potted this one? Have you checked the roots for a death trap or plastic cage? For some reason, they are used regularly on Aglaonemas. They strangle the roots.
@Gustavo interesting, I saw someone else post that their Aglaonema suspiciously dropped bottom leaves.. like you said, I wouldn't be too worried. Maybe they are more prone to drop old leaves when they push out new ones? The pic that the other person also had a new leaf unfurling & the rest of the plant looked happy besides dead leaf.
@UltraKoreanfir no repotting, and I’m gonna have to ask what do you mean by a plastic cage lol
I got it from the same place I got most of my plants, which I trust a lot. I’m quite used to aglos, just the 3 at once worried me… but your comment left me curious haha (and thank you!)
@JesssJungle My thinking whenever one of my Aglos drop leaves - this applies to many plants, but especially to these in my personal experience - is exactly this. She's otherwise thriving so maybe she just decided to drop some old leaves in order to grow new ones (and she just grew a new, incredibly green one, like days ago). Maybe it's energy saving, Idk. Just got me worried. I'm gonna post some pics of the clear pot so you can see she has a strong root system, but is not root-bound by any means, even though she's in a smaller pot (it's just the size). At this point,just gonna let her be, I guess...

(By the way, for context - none of my other plants, including/especially the ones near her, showed any abnormalities in the past days/weeks)
@Gustavo the plastic root cage looks like a mini orchid pot, or a mini round laundry basket. They contain the plant roots into a small bundle so that they're easy to transfer from pot to pot, and nurseries or growers will use them. Over time they will kill your plant. Usually you have to cut them away. So if / when you repot, do a really close inspection to make sure there's nothing bundeling The Roots together. They are sometimes referred to as death traps or death cages. Tiny versions of what's shown in the picture.
@UltraKoreanfir got it! Thank you! Thankfully, that’s not the case over here, but very good to know. I’ll keep it in mind for future plants :)
@Gustavo She is adjusting. I would suggest less water for Siam Aurora. I had some yellowing in the beginning until I learned what she wanted. She did have the plastic root cage upon repotting in a large pot. Which I removed carefully. Her pot was probably too big of a pot. However, she is thriving & filling out nicely. I usually water her once every 3 wks to a month when I feel the soil is drying. The roots visibly in your plastic container should be more submerged in soil. Perhaps going up just one more size of a pot to support those roots might help.
@Rockrlee trust me - it’s definitely not overwatering. I am thinking about going up a pot, though. Thank you!