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Change in potting medium
About a month ago I refreshed the potting medium on a lot of my plants. For some it had been >3 years since they got a refresh and a lot of them had stagnated growth. I changed from “garden soil” or whatever they came with depending to a coco coir/perlite/potting soil/cactus soil — varying it to my researched proportions for each plant. It might be me. It might be the plants and the fact that it’s been hot I. California but does anyone find that they need to water more often and in higher volume with coco coir/perlite/+ mixes?
I mostly use coco coir mediums. I know that just like plants. The mediums will all have their own “personality” too. So I think it is totally normal for you to figure out what this medium likes watering wise.
I love using 100% coco coir. Great drainage. Easy to let dry out.
I think every plant is different to be honest (easy answer I know), but I have started bottom watering sine I feel that using the coco and perlite mixes often makes me overwater since the tops always fee dry
@Marthamaywho92 YES. I think this is what im experiencing.
@AllieTerrarium the soil does such a good job draining but then I freak that my plants are too dry! I have really become a huge fan of bottom watering bc not only does it help against overwatering, but ensure the roots get enough water and since the tops soil isnt soaked help ward off gnats and mushrooms and such!
@Marthamaywho92 ok follow up question. Do you find you have to pack the potting mix down a bit because it’s so naturally fluffy and airy?

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