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Pot is too big
#ZzPlant Hey everyone,
I need your advice. During the spring time I changed the pot to this white one and It's like 3 times bigger then the previous one. I didn't check before but now I know that ZZ plants don't like that. What should I do? Leave it as it is or changed it while it's not too late?
12” pot with drainage
Last watered 7 hours ago
Is it reacting poorly to being in the larger pot? If no, I would just keep it and be very conscious of watering to ensure you’re not overwatering.
Welcome to Greg, Yanina! I agree with @MeganO

Personally, I think it looks good and as long as it's healthy, I'd leaf it alone.
@MeganO he looks totally fine. Thank you for your advice, I will keep it as it is.
@sarahsalith thank you for your response. I will keep him in this pot then and hope he will grow soon
@FlawlessSalsa I also agree with @MeganO and @sarahsalith. Very healthy ZZ.

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