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How do I propagate this?
I really want to propagate and help her fill out but I don’t know where to start…
Is there a good place to cut that I won’t stunt her growth? Novalee is just a single stem so I don’t want to jack her up :/
Also I’ve only had success with water proportions (every soil propagation I try just dies off) 🥲 but I know that purple velvets are sensitive to water touching anything but their roots… gosh I need some guidance on this one Greg! #PlantsMakePeopleHappy #PurpleVelvetPlant #Propogation
0ft to light, direct
4” pot with drainage
Last watered 5 days ago
She’s beautiful. I hope you find a way to propagate her. I wish I could help but I don’t know enough.
@ShaeWayBaby if you chop and prop, it will make your plant branch out. See pic. You can prop in water then once the roots are 2" long you can plant it. I've read that you can introduce soil to the water a bit at a time once it's rooted, to get it used to the soil...I've never done this though 😉
Happy rooting and growing 🥰🌱🌿💛
I too have never had a successful soil propagation. 😆 House is just a million little jars of water on windowsills..
Oh she's beautiful! I had one that I killed by accident and never found another.
Good luck!!
@ShaeWayBaby I do a TON of pothos props in water and then introduce the soil like @sarahsalith is mentioning. Once you have water roots that are about 2 in or more, start adding soil to the water at about a ratio of 1 to 4. One part soil three parts water. I let that sit for a week and then I increase it to two-part soil two parts water. And again, the next week three parts soil one part water. After that last week I then go ahead and transplant into just purely soil. I have found that this works super well and I generally only lose 1 leaf

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