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it looks like my cactus is loosing its color, does anyone have any clue or adivice why ? thank you!
Over watering! Try getting some soil with better drainage :) the roots might be having some issues that’s why it’s showing up on the plant
@Mommy so i should repot it ?? , do you think it’s dying ?
@Chloe96 definitly not dying I think it’s just having a fussy moment, I would reccomend repotting into succulent/cactus substrate, also your cactus might be upset cause it’s not getting any nutrients, since the marbles dont carry any nutrients, I would recommend lightly fertilizing during periods of growth, which is usually summer and spring seasons :)
That may be new growth? @kscape what do you think
When you repot keep your cactus in the same spot to eliminate any extra stress too many changes at once could cause more issues
@Mommy the marbles are there so my cats don’t dig out the dirt 😭 it’s a hard balance having indoor plants and cats 🥲lol i’ll definitely check out a cactus substrate & look into fertilizers, thanks for your advice !
@ABCD i can only hope that’s the case !
@Chloe96 of course! My college has a whole cactus room in our greenhouse, I’ve seen cactuses in way worse conditions somehow stay alive. They are hardy plants :) you got this if you need anything else feel free to shoot me a message
@ABCD may be right. New growth is generally lighter in color.
I think that may be new growth. The rest looks very healthy!
@Chloe96 this could also be the case, the cause for the lighter green would be less chlorophyll because it’s new growth, if you notice changes on the top of the cactus, where is looks like it’s growing than definitely new growth :)
@Chloe96 I have a rabbit and I felt this on a personal level 🥲
thanks everyone for your reply’s, i have another question. i noticed at the very top of my cactus the little spikes will easily fall out as opposed to the rest of the cactus where they feel like they are stuck into the plant. is that normal ?? they aren’t as dark or long as the others so i thought maybe that’s why ??
@Chloe96 I agree with @RJG and @ABCD 💯.

If your cactus grows higher than it should, that probably means a lack of light. If the new growth is pale green and thinner than its base, that should be the correct diagnostic. Cacti and other succulent plants need lots and lots of light (not necessarily direct sun).
@Chloe96 That could be because they’re new and are more vulnerable.
All in all, I think your cactus needs more 🌞 sunlight. I agree with @KikiGoldblatt.
thanks everyone !! ❤️
@Chloe96 Looks like new growth to me! I shouldn’t be concerned. Unless your cactus starts looking translucent or mushy, then there’s nothing to worry about 😊🌵🤍

Also, you’re free to use them, but cactuses don’t generally need fertilizers. Your cactus looks like it could use a little more sun and maybe some rotating to get an even coverage ☀️

The top of your cactus has new growth, as you can see by the little spines coming out. If they tend to fall off, it may be that it needs more bright, indirect light! Overall, your cactus is very healthy! :)

Next time if you have questions, make sure to use the #CactusClique tag to get those that know Cacti, see your post! 🌵💚
@ABCD ty for tag ✨
@kscape yw

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