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I need more plant space! Anyone have any good recommendations on how to maximize plant space? I have 3 dogs so I have to be careful they don’t knock them over
Yes! I live in a tiny house with only a few good windows for my plants- so I started aggressively hanging them up. I picked up a cheap macramΓ© beginner set on Amazon & started making hanging plant holders. Then installed a rod across the top of my best windows. It has tripled my space for plants πŸ™Œ of course you can buy already made plant hangers, but macrame is SUPER easy & inexpensive if you do it yourself πŸ˜‰
@angi I love it!!!! Thanks!!! We’re slowing updating our window frames so this would work great😁
@Happyplants247 like @angi I too am hanging alot of plants...using plant pulleys to help lower them for easier care! And I have this Target shoe rack for some vertical space!!!
@angelw1975 omg, I never thought of pulleys!!! Where did you get them? I love your set up, especially grouping together for humidity! 😍
I agree with everyone above! I have mine all on curtain rods in my windows! I use shower curtain hooks so I can easily take them off or turn them around. I found a "1 minute plant hanger" video on YouTube so I just use string to hang them. It's cheap and adjustable.
Omg @Sassylimey has so many hanging shelves!
I'm loving these shelves @RJG and that pulley system, oooh that's admirable @angelw1975 that's something I never thought πŸ€” @PlantMompy shower curtain hooks, oh yeah πŸ‘
@angelw1975 plant pulleys!? How cool! I’m gonna need to look into those
My in-laws gifted me plant pulleys from Amazon, I think!
@angelw1975 omg the shoe rack!! So many ideas here πŸ’‘
@angi @Happyplants247

I tried a few from Amazon... the white ones couldn't handle the weight of my bigger hanging plants after being watered... had a few break on me lol.

But these black ones haven't failed me yet....

Ogrmar Plant Pulley Retractable Pulley Plant Hanger Hanging Flower Basket Hook Hanger for Garden Baskets Pots and Birds Feeder in Different Height Lower and Raise Pack of 4 (Black x4)
@angelw1975 this is awesome information, thank you so much!!πŸͺ΄πŸ’—πŸͺ΄πŸ’—πŸͺ΄πŸ’—πŸͺ΄
@angelw1975 Thank you!

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