Posted 1M ago by @ShinyRadish

Does this plant need more/less water/sun?

Tips of her leaves are sort of browning/shriveling. Just trying to figure out what I’m doing wrong and fix it! She sits in a spot that gets direct morning sun just fyi β˜€οΈ #ElephantBush
3ft to light, indirect
4” pot with drainage
Last watered 9 hours ago
She looks very thirsty, but if you just watered her yesterday then she may take a little bit to soak up the water… and potentially getting too harsh sunlight (the direct morning sun)? Do you rotate her?
@itsjordan I have not rotated her but I did notice that she didn’t soak up much of the water when I watered her yesterday. I bottom water…maybe not enough water and too much sun?
@ShinyRadish I would try rotating her, I noticed all the leaves are facing the same way.
Not sure what you do for bottom watering, but I also bottom water and slightly push the pot under the water to make sure it covers the top soil and drains fully through. Sometimes my elephant takes a few days to soak up her water and look more full after she’s gotten real thirsty.
That's a very thirsty elephant.Bush you have on your hands!lol
Mine love water.. They take full sun in fresno california. These two were started from cuttings.
I work at lowe's and that's how I judge when To Water the suculents.. Is when I see the elephant bushes shriveling I know it's time!
As long as you have good drainage... I would say give it a good drink.You'll see the difference and start noticing When it needs it
.. I have one of these too... The variagated kind.I would Also repot it. You'll need the room!
Mine is in half cactus soil and half potting soil. Good luck!
When u bottom water add a lil bit like a spoon of coffee grounds in the water it helps give it a boost hope this helped
Based on the photo, I would give it a good soak πŸ›
Its thirsty but if you watered yesterday then maybe its still prossecing or needs morw