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Hey, does anyone has an idea for plants for the balcony? Because my problem is, that the house wall is made of slate and it gets really hot. Thanks in advance #donotburnpls 🫠🔥
You might want to put something against that wall that won’t heat up the balcony (heat up in general) I would recommend a year round cactus and some succulents
You could also go to the search tab and find plants that like those conditions
Thank you @PlantyPlanter
I agree with @PlantyPlanter

I have succulents and cacti and some hearty tropical plants that don't mind the heat. I just have to water them more often. (: All that heat and extra water makes some plants happy!

Here are some of mine.

On my plant page, if you can figure it out alphabetically, after the pothos and some plants that begin with the letter "R" all of my "outside" plants. All of my outside plants are in zone 7B and many of them are on my west facing balcony... so it gets hot!
Ohhh, thank you @sarahsalith I will have a look at your plants, maybe there is something for me as well 😆🪴

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