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Malnourished juniper bonsai tree
Help! My little Bonsai was indoors until I learned they prefer it outside. I’ve since relocated her outdoors to hopefully help revive her. I also was not watering her enough, so I’m working on rectifying that. Should I remove the decorative rocks that were placed there by the store? I feel like it’s preventing her from getting the hydration she needs as the water has to seep through the rocks.

I have learned that she needs to be fertilized regularly in the summer. I got 4 6 6, but I’m reading she needs 6 6 6 in the summer and 10 6 6 in the spring. Do I need all 3? Should I be getting her 6 6 6 for the remainder of summer? How often should I be fertilizing her?

My poor cutie. I want to save her, she’s my first Bonsai! Picture of her current state down below.

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Please check your bonsái for mites or blight on the tips. If no e are found, you may have a mineral deficiency. If so, do not fertilize. Junipers rarely need fertilizer but they do need macro and micronutrients to thrive and regain color as well as sunlight. You may want to get some Fertilome Chelated Iron and spray the plant down a few hours before sunset, then allow it to soak up the nutrients. It should start to green up. You definitely don’t want to add high nitrogen to it since it could mean death to a stressed plant.
@FitSedum oh good idea! I’ll take a look.

Should I return the fertilizer I bought for her for the fall?

I’ll look into the spray tonight. Thank you so much!
I would also check those rocks on the top. If they’re just loose on the surface, that shouldn’t hurt anything. Some places like to glue the rock to the surface of the soil, though, so if they’re glued down I would remove them. I’ve seen a couple of plants that were completely coated and water tight
@ESylvanus thank you so much! I actually removed them today. It was so frustrating to water and to check how dry the soil was with them on. I removed them, gave her a misting and watered her. I feel like she’s on her death bed and I’m too late, but I’ll try my best to revive her.
@MindfulMum It’s definitely worth a try! Here’s hoping she pulls through for you!
@ESylvanus I really hope so. It makes me so sad to see her not doing well. I was misinformed on so many things… I won’t let her go down without a fight.
@MindfulMum I hear you there! I killed so many trees when I started keeping bonsai 🙈
But, the up side is that you learn and improve with each one 💙
@ESylvanus that’s both reassuring and nerve wracking. 😅 thanks for the encouragement! I’ll keep on pushing ahead and learning. I’ve started to watch so many videos now that by the end of it I’m hoping I can keep one alive. Experience and research should hopefully be a great starting point.

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