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Caladium.. what..?

I have lots of questions today lol plant care day. Okay so I got this and they told me it was a caladium festivia but mine aren’t the thick green on the outside edge just a tad like the vein? Is that in fact what this is? Whatever she is, she’s a beaut! I can’t wait to watch the other leaf open. If that is what this plant is I can’t find it on Greg. Help please? #GregFeedback #GregGang #PlantsMakePeopleHappy #HappyPlants #NewGrowth #PlantAddict #PLANTMAFIA #PropagationStation #PlantShelfie #PlantTherapy #PlantCorner
3ft to light, indirect
4” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 year ago
From what I can find maybe a ‘Fannie Munson’ ? 🌱
@Mrgncrch see that’s what I wasn’t sure bc the leaf is sooooo pink or do they change? Lol I’ve never had one
@PlantTherapy I know from my syngonium colors of leaves can be affected by light levels, after looking over some things about it, it says the more shade the more intense the pink can be and seeing a slight ring of green around it I believe that’s what it is, she’s STUNNING though!!🤩
@Mrgncrch that makes complete sense! Thank you! I picked it bc it was sooooo vibrant
@PlantTherapy Where did she come from it’s so vibrant!!
@Mrgncrch a place here in Indiana called bennetts greenhouse. Anymore than that I’m not sure lol.
@Mrgncrch sooooo I was reading and the Fannie Munson has pink veins 🤔
My newest thought is a ‘Spring Fling’ let me search some more 🧐
@Mrgncrch I think I finally found it!! Pink symphony!
@RJG do you know if parts of Greg are down? I’m trying to add “caladium pink symphony” to the list of plants in Greg as it’s not there but it keeps saying “unable to publish”
@RJG nvm it worked anyways I guess lol
@PlantTherapy I’m glad you found it!! Sorry I couldn’t be more help!!
@Mrgncrch you helped me look harder lol
@Mrgncrch and spent your time trying to look so thank you! 🥳
That's a pink symphony 😍 one of my top wishlist plants! Feel free to post updated pics of the leaf unfurling so I can live vicariously through your plant.😂💚🌿
@PlantTherapy I agree with @Mrgncrch, she has amazing suggestions for you. Your Caladium is beautiful 💚💚🌱🌱 Happy growing.
Hey! @PlantTherapy @KikiGoldblatt @RJG bought a caladium today and need help identifying!! I was hoping you guys could help? 😊
@Mrgncrch kinda looks like that one will be a pink beauty!