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general: tips on moving with my plants?
hi everyone! i am moving from FL to NY soon, and im wondering if you all have any tips for a) how to travel in the car with plants (keep them from falling over, etc.) and b) if there are major environmental differences that will impact my plants, and how to deal with that. i am assuming humidity and the intensity of the sun are pretty different? i have a grow lamp to counteract the sun part but any advice would be welcome :) oh & i mainly have succulents if that is any help ! (also… i recently realized that i have become a plant person??? when did this happen??????) #TravelingGreg #travelingPlants #PlantDads #PlantMoms
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Good luck with the move! I drove mine from NH to PA and here are some pics. I put as many small ones as I could in a box. I think that worked well and if you have more and the space I think multiple boxes would work well. Bigger ones I put on the floor and loose in the back but well supported with what I packed around it. Then I made sure to find them spots and kind of let them be to recover from the trauma. Everyone is doing well!
As for the weather, I’m sure it will be an adjustment for your plants but I think your succulents will adjust well if you get them a spot with lots of light. The humidity will be an adjustment for other types but you can always do a humidifier to help. Good luck!
@lemrobs just moved all her plants I think!! Maybe they will provide some insight now. @HeirBoglaurel That's quite the drive!! Hope you and your plants have a safe journey πŸ₯°
On the topic of transporting plants; Stick the tall ones in the back seat and place newspaper or packing paper around each pot then strap them in with maybe a ratchet strap or a seatbelt. (a ratchet strap might do best bc you can leave each end in the car door and the plant won't move as much) Then for smaller plants place them on the floor of the back seat and pack them tightly with packing paper or newpaper. I recently helped a friend move and they said this helped and only one plant fell over 😁
@PlantMompy also had some good tips about using cup trays and the like so maybe can weigh in as well!
Yes! If they are small either using those cup trays you get from coffee shops, or making your own by taking a box and cutting holes to rest each plant in are both great ways to know they have support!
@lemrobs thanks! i will be sure to pack them tightly so they don’t wiggle around - a box with newspaper makes sense. i’ll look into a humidifier too :)
@PlantMompy oooo that is really smart!! i’ll try it out !! thank you !
@greenleafeater i like the idea of strapping them in - i’ll see how that works with my bigger one! thanks :-)

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