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How do you root the babies?
Good morning!! I bought this giant spider plant this spring, and it going crazy with the flower stalks. I’ve heard you can propagate the baby plants it’s making on the ends of the flower stalks. How exactly do you go about doing that? I have mostly succulents and I can propagate those easily, but this is quite different. πŸ˜… #SpiderPlant #PropagationStation #Propagation #HangingPlants
9” pot with drainage
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Where the little root node on the babies are(where all their new leaves are stemming from), you cut right above it from the mother plant and put that into soil. Mine started rooting immediately once I stuck them in soil and watered them.
When we propagated our spider plant we trimmed the vine right above where the baby started. Then put the baby base down in water to grow roots. Once the roots were 1-2 inches long we planted in soil and voila!
@Jana85 you have great advice from @kaitlyncall and @MattLaura.
Yeah I always leave a bit of stem attached just to increase its chances of rooting, but these babies root quick and easily! I'd let these babies grow up a little more on the vine before trimming and rooting unless you want tons of tiny spider starters. They can live on the vine for a long time and if you want your mama plant to stop producing just trim the shoots back all the way! Love spiders, so resilient.
I always root in water first just because they seek to root quicker that way, and I enjoy watching the progress but they're plenty capable of rooting right in dirt. They're meant to "vine" off the main plant and reroot just far enough away not to crowd eachother in the wild. My first spider had rooted a baby in the same pot mama was in!! Such interesting plants!!!
Thank you @kaitlyncall and @PlantNerds and @TopnotchAgboyz! This is all very helpful! I appreciate you!
A #wishlistplant for me! I had one a few years ago (more like 10) but it ended up dying bc I was a horrible plant mom back then haha.

I used to prop in water and give to friends. They are pretty easy to do!
@Marthamaywho92 thank youβ€”I will get the nerve to try when they get a bit bigger! I had been wanting one of these and found this huge one at a local farm stand, of all places! It was only $17!
Wow that is awesome

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