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Alocasia Black Velvet
Just ordered a Black Velvet from PlantProper!!!! So excited! Before I get it however I'd like to know the best care method for the plant just so I can prepare for it🤍
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@rynroxx I wouldn’t worry about repotting for a few weeks. They aren’t root bound or anything so no need. We wipe the tops and bottoms of the leaves weekly with a solution to keep them clean
Heyyyyy YAY. I’m looking at them now and wow! The velvety leaves and the black foliage? Whew 😅 they don’t mind staying a little damp, and they ALWAYS shed the oldest bottom leaf. Like in the second pic, the leaf closest to the soil is going to yellow cause it’s the oldest. But there’s a new leaf coming out!
@jcPlantProper I KNOW THEY ARE SO GORGEOUS, Huge alocasia fan! I was on the whim about ordering one but I saw our weather was going to be nice and I couldn't resist! I am so excited for it. I saw they liked a little but of sun, should I spray the leaves? How should I repot it when it comes? I CAN'T WAIT
We got some corms and everything. But the plant will be happy for a few more weeks.
@jcPlantProper I sure hope the head honchos at Plant Proper know how much business you are getting them! 💚 You should get commission!
@jcPlantProper THANK YOU🤍
@sarahsalith haha! I just want people to have healthy plants and we have them

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