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Booma (My Pink Polka Dot Plant)
Booms doesn’t look like she’s doing to great. When I bought her, her soil was super compacted and root overgrowth. I Havnt changed her pot yet not sure if I should. She looks like she me been losing her color and kinda wilted. I’ve been watering her and giving her sunlight. Not sure what to do? Shes kind of needy!
6ft to light, indirect
4” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 month ago
She looks beautiful on the pic! Do you have an updated picture ?? Is it still in that soil!?
@jcPlantProper in the picture you can kind of notice some of her leaves are turning yellow and some are drying out and falling off I do have her in the same soil. I’m not sure what soil to put her in.
@Malixyahhh just something that’s cleaner and new! Just a regular houseplant mix with maybe some perlite! But maybe it’s too much sun on it? Next to the window can get too hot. Does the water drain out the bottom of the pot ?
@jcPlantProper Thank you for the help! I will definitely be moving her to some better soil. She does sit by the window for long periods of time. And yes the pot she’s in does have a drainage hole. Also her roots are super crowded should I move her into something deeper?
@Malixyahhh yeah something deeper or at least a little wider. As long as the soil is well draining the roots will spread out where they need to be. And yeah maybe place a little bit away from the window. They want the sun, but depending on the window, it’s alot of light

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