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Care advice, please!

#alocasiaaddicts #Alocasia #AlocasiaFrydek I got this beautiful baby Alocasia Freydek Variegated locally. It has just started rooting in pon topped with sphanum moss in a small plastic cup. I’ve got her in bright indirect light on a heating pad. This is my first Alocasia, and I have very limited experience with pon. Any advice on how/when to water and fertilize would be so appreciated! I’ve been keeping the moss moist and can see condensation in the pon, so I’ve held off on watering for now. I’m hesitant to repot into a self-watering pot as the roots are so fragile, but would welcome advice on that as well. Thanks!
@Greenery Did you make holes in the bottom of the cup? If you don't, that's the only thing I'm going to say is "daring" in your current setup. Cute plant, and looks good so far.
Just commenting to say: This is beautiful. I have not had good luck with pon or self watering pots with alocasia! 😩 but I am in love with the frydek and ordered corms and have just started them in moss!
@UltraKoreanfir I have not added holes to the cup. Would that be done to allow you to bottom water by soaking the pon? I’m a bit new to using pon in a container without a wick to draw the water up into the pon. Thanks!
@nellz4estfairyz Thank you, Nellz! Hopefully you’ll have your own little beauty soon! 😁
@Greenery No, it is to allow drainage. Not many plants like wet feet.