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Will Diatomaceous Earth be enough to kill spider mites?

So I’ve been isolating this Dragon scale, and was just about to take it up stairs, since it’s been more then a week. Long enough to unfurl a new leaf. And on that leaf I see weird green lumps, not knowing what that is I grab a napkin to hopefully clean it off. And see legs on the lumps. I quickly dropped the napkin and was said β€œ HELL NO β€œ as I walk to my closet to grab my diatomaceous Earth. And just sprinkled it all over without thinking. And of course I rinsed off the leaves before I sprinkled it. My question is. Is the DE enough or should I do more ? #help #spidermites #DragonScaleAlocasia
0ft to light, indirect
2” pot with drainage
Last watered 6 days ago
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@planthoe40 thanks for the tag. 🫢🏼
@FabRubbercup, I would take a mild liquid soap (castille) and mix it with water in a spray bottle. Spray the foliage to saturation and let it rest 5 minutes. Then spray it again with the intention of rinsing the plant to blast them off. Use your fingers to gently scrub the foliage and get rid of the little pests.

What causes this? It happens most in plants that require high humidity but don’t get it. Dragon scale needs humidity higher than what your home can provide and that calls for a humidifier. These plants are usually going to do best in a fish tank with damp moss and a tank cover completely sealed off if you aren’t going for a greenhouse cabinet. humidity is the issue with these plants and usually the primary cause of spider mites and other pests. I truly believe these pests exist within the plant but require the right β€œtrigger” for them to come up and do their damage. Ideal climate conditions can help you with this. Please keep in mind that some plants -no matter what you do - are going to get pests. One of them is the Green Velvet Frydek. Mites are guaranteed every 5 weeks if you don’t give her a bath and let her get outdoor air at week 4. After she dries off in the shade, she goes right back into her cabinet to wait for her next bath. The dragon scale is notorious for yellowing and mites as well so maybe a monthly bath will help along with a humidifier or an enclosed fish tank .
@AnthuriumQueen Okay so just to make sure I get what you’re saying, bathe with mild liquid soap. Try to do this at least once a month and perhaps move her to my restroom or maybe a small terrarium. And yes I understand that pest are an always gonna be there if I don’t properly care. I hope I got everything correct πŸ˜… thank you so much I appreciate you 🫢🏻🌸
@FabRubbercup don’t use dish soap. Rude something mild like Castille liquid soap. I like the peppermint scented since it bothers bugs. However, the rest? Yes, you got it.
@AnthuriumQueen squeaky clean I cleaned it with a mix like you said. And since I can’t afford a humidifier I luckily have a collection of rocks from all my trips to the beach and this orchid pot. To make a pebble tray πŸ₯° Would this be okay ?
@FabRubbercup That should do as long as the water doesn’t touch the bottom of the pot.
@AnthuriumQueen nope I made sure πŸ«ΆπŸ»πŸ’–
@AnthuriumQueen this is such amazing info!! Maybe your name should be AroidQueenπŸ’• I just added a melo & silver dragon to my oasis so this is incredibly helpful!
@Corinne my thing are Anthuriums. I also have a lot of other plants but I prefer AnthuriumQueen since the Warocqueanum is my favorite of all plants. 🫢🏼😁
@AnthuriumQueen I completely understand. They are beautiful!
For anyone in need, ikea has small greenhouses and if you spend $50 you get free shipping! I just snagged two of these. Now to get some additional supplies to keep the plants happy!
@Corinne I need these for my predatory plants. Either that are a bar to hang them inside my greenhouse cabinets.
@AnthuriumQueen I’m in an IKEA greenhouse group on FB and people have done some amazing things with them. I don’t have the patience to do all of that right now so I’m starting with these. And they’re a great price! I was actually thinking I might get some pin legs to adhere to the bottom and have them waist high, or even knee high. I decided to wait until they arrive so I can figure out where they’re going πŸ˜‚ I added a few pics from the group so you can see the versatility.