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What’s up with Sprout? :[

I have been taking care of this plant but it looks like it’s dying for some reason…
4” pot with drainage
Last watered 4 weeks ago
@Bucketplantz Hello 👋 there.

Based on your description of the white mold-like substance, it could be powdery mildew. Powdery mildew is a common fungal disease that affects many plants. It appears as a white, powdery coating on the leaves, stems, and sometimes flowers of plants. It thrives in warm and humid conditions. To treat powdery mildew, you can try removing the affected leaves, improving air circulation around the plant, and applying a fungicide specifically designed to combat powdery mildew. It's important to act quickly to prevent the spread of the disease to other plants.

To handle powdery mildew on your plants, you can follow these steps:

1. Remove affected leaves: Start by removing any leaves or plant parts that show signs of powdery mildew. This will help prevent the spread of the fungus to other parts of the plant.

2. Improve air circulation: Powdery mildew thrives in humid conditions with poor air circulation. Make sure your plants have adequate space between them to allow for good airflow. You can also prune any dense foliage to improve ventilation.

3. Water properly: Avoid overhead watering, as it can create a moist environment that favors the growth of powdery mildew. Instead, water at the base of the plant to keep the leaves dry.

4. Apply fungicide: If the powdery mildew persists, you can use a fungicide specifically formulated to treat powdery mildew. Follow the instructions on the product label carefully and apply it as directed.

5. Monitor and repeat: Keep a close eye on your plants and monitor for any signs of recurring powdery mildew. If necessary, repeat the steps above, including removing affected leaves and applying fungicide.

Remember, prevention is key to managing powdery mildew. Providing your plants with proper care, including adequate sunlight, good airflow, and regular watering, can help prevent the development of powdery mildew in the first place.