Posted 2Y ago by @LegitimateOnion

Recovered from.gnats, started to regrow and now drooping.

The stem is black only at the top, stem is firm not soft and soil is dry (to combat suspected rot). Watering infrequently. recovered from.gnats about 6 months ago, began to grow a new lesf which has now died/drooped the stem only. There is a new frond coming up and i want to make sure it doesnt die too :(
6” pot with drainage
Last watered 2 years ago
When you suspected root rot did you check the roots? If not I would suggest you have a look and treat the roots and replace the soil. You may still have a issue. Could also be to intermittent watering. fungus nats are annoying but will not hurt the plant as under watering due to root damage can.
@LegitimateOnion @strawberrymoon is excellent with these. I had one at one time a ended up killing it.
I agree with @Gordo - these plants do not appreciate intermittent watering. I have found that watering is a fine line with these pants.
Thanks all! Will take out and inspect the roots again. Ive got it on an 8 day watering cycle now - is this too intermittentn
@LegitimateOnion should e fine. I hope the plant recovers for you.