Posted 1M ago by @tania

Leaf spots!!!

Good morning 🌞
I got my rattlesnake plant a few weeks ago and it already had some brownish spots. Does it look infestated?
I don't know what to do... Maybe repot and cut those leaves? Do I need to buy pesticide?
Last watered 1 month ago
It's most likely just a humidity issue. These guys like pretty high humidity, So I would get a humidifier or make a pebble tray to set next to him!
If you are worried about pests, you can spray with a Neem oil solution to be safe. It won't hurt anything but the pests and even fungus if that's also a problem. 😊
Oh forgot to ask/add, are you using distilled or rainwater?
I used tap water 🫣 with a few drops of fertilizer
These guys are sensitive to minerals in tap wAter. That might be your culprit! I would use distilled or rain water, whatever is easiest for you to get. :)
Noted 🫑 thank you!