Posted 1Y ago by @JJboi

HELP my tillandsia is browning, the other ones are fine but anyways I think a gave this one too much light HELP
2” pot
Last watered 10 months ago
Has your plant ever bloomed before?

EDIT: how long have you had it?
@JJboi Your air plant may be getting too much sun. While they do enjoy being in nice filtered sunlight, if they are in direct sun all day long, this can cause your plant to get sunburned and turn brown. Browning leaf tips can also occur from not watering your plant enough.
My air plants like to be misted well each day, especially since it’s starting to get brighter and warmer. Browning could be a sign that it’s under watered as well.
No my plant hasn’t bloomed before and I think about 1-2 months
@JJboi sounds good. Keep it in a humid area. Keep an eye on the middle, because that's where you're going to see new growth.

They light bright, indirect light. I keep mine on suction cups in my shower so they have great humidity. About every week or so, when Greg reminds me, I toss them in the fish tank for about 10 minutes.

Not too long though submerged in water, though, they'll drown.

... ask me how I know. πŸ˜–