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Plant Podcasts? What works ?

Hi Everyone πŸ‘‹πŸ€—
As Alex has indicated elsewhere, we are looking to develop a podcast as an offering to the Greg community with an initial interview being with Alex, the CEO of Greg app.

So if begs the question, promoted by a question by @CorvidFan Elle (thanks Elle) as to what kind of plant podcast would you be interested to here? Here are some prompts:
1. What's your preferred length for a podcast? eg 15 mins, 30, 1 hour ?
2. What features should it have eg interviews, question of the week, focus on a particular plants or even dad plant jokes, interesting facts section,
Let us know any other ideas
3. Would you prefer it to be a discussion or interview style ? Better to be 2 people or 3 people
3. What aspects of other podcasts do you like or makes them entertaining and more enjoyment eg humor, sound bits from films, funny sound effects, pop references
4 what additional features would you like to see? Blogs? Information links? Care Guides? Chest Sheets?

I know the Podcasts that I enjoy and prefer but you might have completely different taste so let's see what most members would prefer to hear ?

Top Plant Podcasts
Love the name of Say Aloe to my little Frond πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜†

Here is the top podcasts in Australia and the States
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I like the ones that pop up on my Alexa recap of the day and are no more than 15mins and give interesting facts related to plants and gardening
I prefer podcasts that tell us about science, research, first hand discussion about trials/error/what it took to succeed, etc.. I want to be enlightened and learn something new. Podcasts that have diversity in types of episodes are good, sometimes discussions, sometimes interview, sometimes questions from the audience are good. I prefer organized structure where the pacing doesn’t lull between topic, vs chaos.

For length of time.. I don’t find that a big deal, I will happily listen to 3 hours on an organized topic over several days, if it’s nonsense I rather it be short and sweet. Maybe I’m too practical, podcasts that don’t have much fluff like sound effects are better since it’s easier to focus, it’s so annoying when there’s too much going on and you have to keep going back to try to figure out what people said. When sounds are used to emphasize things or set tone strategically it is can be great though with a light touch.

I think those things in 4 sound cool, but it’s best to reign in scope and roll out one idea best at a time.