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I have had nothing but trouble with this species! I love them so much but I never seem to have luck. I had it in a smaller pot previously, but it practically turned into a twig after probably a solid year of no real growth. I managed to revive her after transferring her to this pot, but she never grows! I am also super confused, because everyone says this plant loves sunlight... But in my experience, these plants will go to extreme lengths to avoid sunlight. I included an image of my sister's cutting, and you can see how it is literally hiding behind furniture. Neither of them seem to want to grow. I'm careful to never over water and they dont appear to be sick, but they never grow. I've had these plants drop previously healthy leaves because of indirect sunlight. They're vampires!

The only reason I can think of is that I am at nearly 9000 ft in the new mexico mountains. But they can't be sun scorched while being over 10ft away from windows. What the heck?

And if I am honest, I grew this variety in Colorado too and never got any luckier.
5ft to light, indirect
8โ€ pot with drainage
Last watered 3 months ago
10 foot from the window seems right if the sun is too hot. They do like it bright just not direct sun all day. Try moving it to a cooler spot too. They do not like when it's too warm. They also seem to prefer to dry out most of the way before watering again. When it starts growing pinch out the top to make it bush. Good luck.
Welcome to Greg, Friss!

I'm sorry you're having issues with this plant. They really are beautiful and fun with the gorgeous color and fuzzy appearance. Mine is growing well, so I'll tell you what I do.

1) I never let this plant dry out as much as others, but don't overwet them either. The soil I have mine in is very chunky with bark, charcoal, & leca balls. It drains quickly but is also water retaining.

2) These do like to be trimmed, and it stimulates new growth. Use the trimmed off part, WITH a node (two nodes is even better) as a prop. Trim lower leaves off of the cutting and dip the end in cinnamon. Use a chopstick to make a nice deep hole in the freshly dampened soil and put the cutting down covering the nodes.

3) I do have mine very near a sunny window, but I have the vertical blinds closed part way so the earlier sun hits it, and the late afternoon sun does not.

4) It REALLY started growing better after I gave it a trellis to help support it.

5) I fertilize this plant about every 4th watering, or about once per month.

I hope these things provide you with at least a couple of ideas, and I hope it starts growing for you.