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Umbrella tree (dwarf)
How hard is it to propagate an umbrella tree? Neighbor gave me a piece of the tree that he got from a his wife’s funeral and asked me to try to propagate it. It does have a node and so far it has stayed green. It’s outside in indirect light in water but it’s just a baby and not a stalk. Any information will be helpful. Photo makes it look yellow but it’s just glossy and the lighting

To propagate Schefflera in water, simply take a fresh cutting from your parent plant and place it in a glass of water. Place this glass of water with your cutting in a shady area of your home. Over the next weeks, you will begin to see roots developing. Change out the water every 7 days.
@KikiGoldblatt will outside in the shade be ok? I know it says temps needed to be between 60°-80° so when it becomes summer, I’ll take it inside

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