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So I’ve had this dude for about 3-4 months and the leaves keep wilting and falling off, very dry. Some leaves keep rapidly changing yellow with browning tips, I’ve just been taking those off. Any recommendations to stop this from happening?
3ft to light, indirect
9” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 month ago
Does the pot have drainage holes? It may be sitting in soggy soil causing mild root rot. Also possible it is receiving too much direct Sun.

Usually the reasons for a dying money tree are overwatering, underwatering, low humidity excessively hot or cold temperatures or too much sun. Money tree leaves turn yellow and drop off due to root rot caused by overwatering whereas the leaves wilt and turn brown due to low humidity and dry soil.

Also be careful watering your plant as it has no drainage. Only water when the soil the dry about 3 inches below the soils surface. They tend to like drier soil.

Can you check to see if your plant has root rot or is root bound in your pot? If it’s root bound it time to replant it in a larger pot. This will also replenish the nutrients. I would go to a 10 to 11 inch pot. Make sure it has drainage.
@DivineCamphor Also make sure you cut off the rubber band on the very bottom of the trunks or it will choke it to death.. It could also be just old leaves and new ones are coming
My experience with money trees is that the supplier simply cuts and wraps together several branches with a rubber band or a twist tie and stabs it into a pot of dirt with no drainage. When I began to have the problem you’re having I was curious and pulled out the plant and discovered several of the braided branches had rotted and were mushy, gross! So out of 6 branches one survived I removed the rubber band and dead mushy sticks, repotted in a draining pot and it is thriving!
I agree with @Yolianderz those killer rubberbands really mess these guys up. I recently put mine in leca because the fungus gnats are driving me crazy!!!
@Yolianderz OH MY GOODNESS, I went to feel the trunks/branches, they were squishy, at least three out of the five. I removed the mushy ones, she already looks a lot happier, thank you. No yellowing or browning leaves yet, lots of new growth!

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