Posted 1Y ago by @CooperPooper

what is going on here, should i cut this whole piece back...

2ft to light, indirect
5” pot without drainage
Last watered 1 week ago
some leaves are also turning yellow on the tips… Greg says to wait a few more days to water, but my soil reader says its a little on the dry side
Nah. I'd leaf it alone. When they plant is ready to kick it out of the pot, it'll turn completely yellow and you can pluck it out.

You can remove it if you want to- use clean, sterilized scissors. I keep rubbing alcohol on hand to spray scissors before I use them on plants.
I know it's been a few day, but let me say if YOU know the plant needs to be watered, water your plant and mark it as watered in Greg. You teach the app how you water so it can learn to notify you properly. It's trial and error, but if it needs to be watered, don't wait on Greg.

I always check my soil before watering because sometimes I need to "snooze" a plant and the app will remind me in three days to check it again. (: