Posted 2M ago by @GrΓΌnerDaum

Thin and most of the branches are bare, with leaves bunch...

I did repot my gold dust crotos a couple of days ago, it may have gotten a shock. Now i found curled up leaves under the canopy of still green leaves. soil is not soggy, possibly a bit damp for a inch deep.
I dont find any pests till now. Its on my balcony and summer starting here in dubai, temperatures rising. Its und the pergola , no direct sunlight .
What am i doing wrong? 😭
7” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 week ago
I would guess it is still recovering from the repotting; wait a few days and see how it goes, perhaps?
Yes, I will give that a go. Dont want to stress her out too early. Ill keep an eye on her. Thanks for the quick response πŸ˜‰