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Hey y’all…
Bought an alocasia dunno what it’s called at Walmart about a month ago and as u could probably guess, it wasn’t a “healthy” plant. So it died back to the bulb and no new growth is coming out. is it safe to put it in water? #PlantAddict #PropagationStation #PlantTherapy #OutdoorGrowing
I’ve just finished growing about 8 alocasia bulbs around the same size as the one in your picture it took a good few months but here’s what I did. Place the bulb in shallow water with a lid on the top of the container to keep humidity levels high. I recommend keeping it on a window. After a few weeks/months the roots will be much more established and you will hopefully get a leaf starting to grow. I then put them in a grow box full of sphagnum moss and in a few weeks the leafs really started to shoot out. Then you can pot back into soil.

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