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Help!! My aeonium tree's leaves are bending downward

I just bought this little fella a week ago, repot it, and put it near my north facing window that can get 6+ hours of bright indirect light.

But when I check it today, I realized that their leaves are bending compared to when I bought it.

I suspect that it needs stronger light, so I put it near my LED lamp.

Please help😭😭😭
4” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 week ago
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It's gotten so much bigger since the last picture (I need to take newer pictures!).

The more light they get, the better they grow. LED lights are okay, grow lights are good, the fiery ball of burning gas in the sky is best! (:οΏΌ
I'm so glad you found Greg, Donny! Do you have a window available? I WISH I could show you my #TreeAeonium!! Since I put it in the sun, it has TAKEN OFF!

Let me see if I can find a picture -- if I can't, I'll snap one when get home for you.
Thanks that would be great
I do plan to place it outdoor if he is not happy in my room, but I'm a bit scared because some websites say that they dont really like direct sunlight and the fact that my other succulents ,like zebra haworthia, actually get a bit sunburned when I place it near my north facing window
Well, mine sits in my greenhouse and has gotten direct sunlight. I just got home so here's a current picture. (:

I attached a picture of the backside also. Clearly I do not rotate this plant! οΏΌ
More sun would be great for it.
Thanks for the advice @ExclusiveOkra, I guess I will put it outdoor then.
@sarahsalith It looks really full and healthy!!
Hopefully he will bounce back 😀😀😀
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Be careful of the direct sunlight. I was overjoyed to see the sun after many days of rain οΏΌ which led me to putting my tree anatomy out and getting it toasted. Yes, the leaves burned. I made the mistake of thinking that it was an indirect sunlight, but obviously not.
β€œTree Aeonium” voice to text is difficult for Siri with a Boston accent.🀣
@Arid_oasis 🀣