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Brown Spots on Variegated Peperomia?

Hello! I’ve noticed some #brownspots on my #Peperomia plant. They don’t look like they go all the way through the leaves, just on top. There is almost a scuff on the one leaf from when I got him from the garden centre (I’ve had it just over a week). He is under artificial light with my other peperomia. The last picture you can really see the dots. Do we think this is anything of concern? I have seen other people post their plants with little marks like this and no one comments an issue. The stem is also nice and red and does not have any black on it at all! #BabyRubberPlant #variegatedpeperomia
3” pot without drainage
Last watered 2 months ago
It may just be scarring from previous damage. Does it seem to be increasing?
@VipSeraphina I don’t think it seems to be increasing! I’ve taken some pictures to really compare in the coming time but it all looks the same as when I got him. (In all honesty I’ve been really watching my watermelon peperomia aka WaterMelanie that I got on the same day, watching her new leaves open!) but to answer your question no he looks about the same as when I got him! He is sprouting a new leaf on top so that must be a good sign!
@sara5319 I’m sure it’s fine. Sometimes plants get bumped around in the nurseries and they get bruised and scarred. As long as it isn’t spreading I wouldn’t worry about it. Congrats on your new plant, it’s beautiful 🤩
The upper leaf in photo 1 and the middle two photos look like abrasive/scrape type injuries that are in various stages of healing, as most everyone already said.

The bottom leaves in photos 1 and 4 look a bit different. It’s probably an injury like the others, I’d just watch it, to make sure they are only healing injuries; I’d watch for any spreading or if the spots get bigger.

The more I look at those two bottom leaves, the more I think it’s a pressure/indentation type of injury, as if something was sitting on top of the leaf with just enough pressure to leave those “bruises”; they look more recent, so they haven’t healed over yet. You’ll be able to tell pretty quickly, as long as you keep an eye on it, you’re good. Good luck and enjoy; cute pot too! 💚
@EZLennyLance thank you so much for all your info! I really appreciate it! Now that it’s been a bit of time and nothing seems to be growing or spreading so injury sounds about right!